do write now, llc

Learning Consultant/ Instructional Designer

From her upbringing in a Chicago suburb to her young adulthood in Southern California, Kim has shown a life long interest in communication arts. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology, her natural curiosity and a series of serendipitous events led her to the then burgeoning world of data processing. A natural analyst, she learned the system development life cycle early on and found it invaluable in her work as a technical writer during the time when the software industry was defining itself beyond government
and aerospace.

As the need for well-designed software training became increasingly important in the corporate world, Kim evolved from producing Help systems and user manuals to designing and developing instructor-led classroom courseware, live and recorded webinars, software simulations, training videos, and blended learning solutions for numerous areas: finance, banking, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, insurance, supply chain management, sales, and leadership.

Her effective interviewing skills and innate ability to see the forest and the trees keeps her and her clients ahead of the curve.